Chef Roger Featured in The Kitchen Series

Ontario Culinary has been doing a series called The Kitchen Series, wherein they have conversations with their Feast On Certified Chefs and ask personal questions so you get to know the Chefs behind the great food.  Grateful to be asked to participate, join me, Chef Roger, this month as I talk with Ontario Culinary’s writer, Andrea Hodgins about Feast On, what it means to Hawley Crescent, and where my favourite restaurants are to go when I am not the one wielding the chef’s knife!  Maybe you’ll find out my favourite restaurant is yours, too.

Feast On is important to us because it allows us to stand behind what we truly believe in and now we have a community. It is one thing to say you use fresh ingredients, it is another to live and breath this philosophy. It is a commitment and we were really thrilled that Feast On was created. It represents who we are perfectly and opened the door to so many other great vendors!

Read the full Ontario Culinary article here.