With summer upon us, we’d like to introduce Take Away Fridays. We will be preparing meals for your enjoyment based on a weekly theme. The meals will be prepackaged and given to you in a refrigerated state, all you have to do is heat and eat. This feature is ideal for busy families who are running off to the cottage, sporting events, preparing for a busy weekend or simply giving yourself a break from cooking for the evening.

Here’s the weekly lineup:




If you are interested, please contact us either via the webpage or by email at ChefRoger@hawleycrescent.wpstagecoach.com by Wednesday at noon to ensure that your order will be processed.

We will be offering 10{a908f3cfa73a8de8bf6f2b96e240bb7c9d3f5bad987c2ee76ba0db26a64817a2} discounts on purchases of $100 or more, either in a single week or multiple week preorders totaling $100 or more. We look forward to serving you!

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