This past weekend was the first weekend in two months that I actually took the weekend off. Yeah, I didn’t have any weekend events on tap – this was done purposely by yours truly so I could take my youngest daughter to a trampoline competition in Port Elgin Ontario. This was an invitational meet, the competitive season ended for her at the Provincial Championships hosted by our club, Anti-Gravity at the end of April. The pressure was off, it was a chance for her to work on some new routines (she’s moving up a level next year) and to familiarize herself with a new synchro partner and most of all, it was an opportunity to have a great father-daughter roadie filled with a lot of laughs and plenty of bonding time together. I’ve gotta admit, I loved it!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job – I love being able to help people in need: providing meals for a neighbour who recently underwent hip replacement surgery, making dinner on the fly for a friend / neighbour / client who is in the midst of renovations and has been too busy (not to mention has no available space in her rearranged home) to cook for her family. I love being able to provide meal service for another friend who’s dealing with some family health issues and love being able to provide personal chef / meal services for my clients.

The thing is, I simply needed to take a day or two off to recharge the batteries – we’ve been going 100 mph for the past few months; we haven’t had time to breathe or think for ourselves. The business plan is coming along, the search for a permanent location is still ongoing, our Take Away Fridays and Information Nights have proven to be successful so far and our catering / events division has been steadily increasing. Things have been going well so far.

Enter this week – not only do we have our regular clients to service, we are assisting Dr Phil Smith with an information session on Wednesday night, preparing Indian food for Take Away Friday (always a huge seller), we have events planned for both Friday and Saturday and two of our children are going to be having birthday celebrations as well this weekend. It is going to be one hopping week for us here at Hawley Crescent Culinary Services.

I’d like to thank Alanah Brach, Marketing Student at Algonquin College (who also happens to be my niece) for taking the initiative to play around with some promotional ideas on our behalf. You have a bright future ahead of you, judging by the quality of the pieces that you’ve produced for us! I’d also like to thank all of the friends, family and clients who have stood by us and have helped us grow during the past year. Without you, we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing.

In the immortal words of Chef Carl Casper “I get to touch people’s lives and I love what I do” Check out “Chef” in theaters near you – it’s well worth the admission price.

Live Tastefully