I hope that everyone has had a wonderful holiday season. Mine has been filled with family, friends, good times, laughter and a whole lotta love for good measure – just what the doctor ordered. It was relaxing and a great change of pace, but there’s a whole lotta work ahead in the coming weeks that has me excited about 2015.

First off, we are this close to getting the location sewn up. We are shooting for a March Grand Opening, and will continue to keep our loyal clients updated in our progress. We are so excited about having our own kitchen – no more renting, no more lugging equipment and materials back and forth as we will have a permanent home, and most of all, we will have full separation of church and state in our own home, as we won’t be packaging and storing/selling product from home anymore.

Our pilot school lunch program has proven to be successful – we will be continuing with our flagship school for the rest of the school year and have potential to take on another one or two schools later on in the year. We are also looking at adding pre-packaged school lunch meals to our existing line of take away meals in the new location.

We will continue to get our name out into the community in 2015 – we are lined up to do events for Autism Ontario, bridal shows, Mom Cafe and a few other local events throughout the year. I have been approached by and Israeli company, Yummi (a web based personal chef/meal service provider) to assist them in launching their web based service into Canada. It will provide additional exposure for me, as well as give me the opportunity to network with a number of other like-minded businesses in the GTA to share ideas and network. They’ve already implemented a few of the suggestions that I’ve passed along to them – I’m hoping that this will be the beginning of a successful partnership.

I’m going to give you some homework. Don’t fret or panic, there is no studying involved here. I am simply looking for feedback from friends and clients regarding meal suggestions that I should consider adding to the menu – either on a regular or “special” basis. I have a number of ideas myself, but it’s always great to hear from y’all to get the client perspective. You know what they say about another set of eyes…

Since seeing is believing, I figure that I should stop talking and give your eyes a little something. Happy New Year – here’s to a great 2015 one and all.


Live Tastefully!!!