Summer is over, we’re all back to our busy schedules and routines, which means that days and evenings are even more stressful.  In an attempt to save you time, Hawley Crescent has introduced our Mother’s Little Helper menu.  Due to the success of our Take Away Friday program that we offered during the summer, and an increasing request for more from our clientele, the concept was born.  Mother’s Little Helper is a take away, everyday program designed to make the lives of our clients easier by saving them the hassle of having to cook.

All of the meals are precooked and vaccu-sealed for freshness.  You simply check out the menu and decide which selections you would like to choose.  From there, you simply go to the Contact Us page on the website and place your order.  It’s that simple.  An email will be generated and we will confirm receipt and pick-up / pricing.  If you wish to order a meal that you don’t see on the menu, simply request in your contact order and allow a minimum of 24 hours lead time to ensure that we can prepare the dish for you.  It’s easy and convenient.  This is sure to free up valuable time for our clients and allow you to spend valuable time doing the things that you want.

For more information, please feel free to contact us on the website, Facebook (Hawley Crescent Culinary) or Twitter (@HawleyCres)

Live Tastefully!