On Friday May 16 we hosted an open house in hounr of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day. The evening was filled with great guests, plenty of fun and laughs and of course some amazing healthy food selections. So many of our guests dropped by with a healthy dish that the table was literally overflowing with choices. It never ceases to amaze me what a little creativity and a few herbs and spices can do to a dish – we had an array of quinoa and lentil dishes, chicken dishes, pasta dishes and numerous dips & salsas, amazing home baked bread and a to die-for chili that had me wanting more – oh and beef tenderloin (bacon wrapped or naked) – no two dishes tasted the same, yet all were flavourful and healthy. I’m afraid to step on the scale this morning because I’m sure that it will be showing some weight-gain, though hopefully it will only be temporary…

The success of the evening has inspired me to continue to host more events throughout the year. We will certainly be hosting a grilling / smoking night this summer and will incorporate more of our salads and appetizer dishes into our Information Nights. The summer is going to be non-stop, but we’re looking forward to spending it with friends, family and customers developing and perfecting more healthy food choices to add to the Hawley Crescent menu.

Have a great holiday weekend – Live Tastefully