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The Meal Plan

Hey there and welcome everyone to another installment of the Meal Plan. I hope everyone had a good week last week. It's election day in Canada; a day when we Canadians cast our votes to choose our Member of Parliament and ultimately determine which party will be...

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The Meal Plan – Happy Thanksgiving

Hey there and welcome to another instalment of the Meal Plan. Well folks, today is Thanksgiving for we Canadians, and while we don’t celebrate it with nearly as much enthusiasm and patriotism as our American cousins, I’m sure each and every one of you is going to...

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The Meal Plan – Quail and Other Game Fowl

Hey there and welcome to another installment of The Meal Plan. Boy, October sure did greet us with a bang, didn’t it? We’ve gone from such a warm and beautiful summer to BOOM, autumn in a hurry. But don’t let the bad weather get you down; there’s still lots of festive...

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The Meal Plan – Duck

Hey there and welcome to another Hawley Crescent Blog. Time sure does fly, doesn’t it? We’re already three weeks into September, and October is just around the corner, which means Thanksgiving is fast approaching. As such, I think it’s only appropriate to begin...

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It’s NFL Football Season, Welcome to Week One…

Hey there and welcome back to our Hawley Crescent weekly blog series. How has everyone been enjoying their first back to school week?  Back to school means then beginning of NFL football (hence this week's headline). As stated in last week’s blog, Grilling101 is going...

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Grilling 101 – Kebabs

Welcome everyone to another installment of our Grilling 101 blog. Well, tomorrow is Labour Day, and the unofficial last day of summer. Most of you will be packing up the grill sometime soon. Because of this, today’s Grilling101 is going to be the last one for 2015....

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